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FORMAT08 organised by QUAD

New for 2008, QUAD will be Format’s flagship venue

FORMAT08, organised by QUAD, Derby City Council and Derby University will happen in the autumn of 2008. It will include photographic work whichchallenges and engages with contemporary culture, directly and indirectly, in social, political and pictorial terms. Work shown will demonstrate stability of purpose, innovation and awareness of critical debates surrounding photographic representation internationally. Alongside this a wide programme of activity and events will engage audiences and participants in photographic practice on a number of levels.

The theme for FORMAT08 is PHOTOCINEMA. This is deliberately broad allowing practitioners to respond in a number of ways; from work relating to our changing urban, global and political environments through to the developments of photographic practice and the proliferation of digital technology. A call for submissions of work responding to the theme will be announced later in the year. To receive this information on opportunities to have your work included in the Format08 festival sign up to the mailing list here.

For 2008 Format will have a new flagship venue in QUAD, Derby’s £10m arts centre. QUAD will be the festival headquarters and a hub around which festival activity will be programmed. Further information on QUAD can be found at