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Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

Derby Assembly Rooms,
The Market Place, Derby, DE1 3AH

15 November 2007
10am - 5pm

£10 per 20 minute review


An equally impressive panel has been gathered to offer Portfolio Reviews to photography practitioners in all fields. As well as informal networking with other participants, you will have the chance to meet face-to-face with experts who can assist your future career development. From CV and portfolio development, to advice on exhibitions, funding and publications.

Reviewers have been selected for their knowledge and experience of different areas of contemporary photographic practice. When booking, please consider which reviewer will be most relevant to you, your practice and your future aspirations. Each review will last up to 20 minutes and booking is essential.

These reviews are aimed at photographers and artists with a developed and serious approach to their practice. On this occasion we will not be seeing work by undergraduate students.

This is a truly unique opportunity to access some of the greatest professionals in the photographic industry.

Reviews will start on the hour and on the half hour. Please specify your preferred start time when booking, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Click here for a list of reviewers and reviewer profiles.

To book contact Contact: Mike Brown, Art Projects Co-ordinator on 01332 716139 or email

Advice on Preparing your Portfolio

Edit your work
Be selective, the reviews only last 20 minutes so make sure you maximise on the opportunity. Choose photographs that you like and that you feel give a strong representation of your practice. If you show work you are passionate about this will come across and enthuse the reviewer. If you have a number of different bodies of work edit them down to give an overview of each project. Don’t bombard the reviewer with boxes and boxes of prints.

Always present your work in a way you feel comfortable with. Whether in a book, loose leaf folder, portfolio box or on a laptop screen – make sure the work can be handled easily and looked through without compromising its impact.

You also need to present your work verbally to explain your intentions, ideas and motivations. This will aid the reviewers appreciation and help them give constructive feedback and critique. Consider what you feel are the key points about each image or body of work and plan what to say. Keep it simple, don’t waffle and make sure you leave some time for you and the reviewer to ask questions.

The Review
Be on time and remember you only have 20 minutes - going over time will impact on someone else’s slot. Bring a notebook to write down any helpful advice or contacts the reviewer may suggest.

Bring some personal information
Leave the reviewer with a way of contacting you. Business cards are okay but something with one of your images on is better; reviewers will be looking at a lot of work an image will remind them who you are. Make sure all contact details are correct and include an email address. If you have a website make sure the address for this is included.

Please Note These reviews are aimed at photographers and artists with a developed and serious approach to their practice. On this occasion we will not be seeing work by undergraduate students